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Tesla tours West Coast to celebrate Supercharger network

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This Tesla Model S made the trip up to San Francisco from San Diego, and will continue up to Vancouver.

(Credit: Wayne Cunningham/CNET)

Tesla owners, rabid as Apple fans, showed up in droves at an event in San Francisco to celebrate the completion of the company’s West Coast Supercharger network. The stars of the event were two Model Ses in the midst of a road trip from San Diego to Vancouver.

The new Supercharger network lets Model S owners drive along the network completely free of charge.

The two cars making the journey had started out in San Diego the previous morning, making the 550 mile trip along Highway 101. Although the route planning called for four charging stops along the way, Tesla Product Marketer Ted Merendino, one of the drivers, told CNET that the cars had enough range to skip a charging stop in Gilroy.

The Model S hoods show a map of the road trip.

(Credit: Wayne Cunningham/CNET)

Admitting to some heavy-footed driving, Merendino said that the lowest range the car he was driving showed before a charging stop was 20 miles. For the first day of the trip, he said the cars kept up with the flow of traffic, driving along a freeway with long 65 and 70 mph stretches.

After spending the night in S… [Read more]


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Car Sales, Political Scares (10/31/13)

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Snyder: October U.S. sales expected to rise, but could they be higher?; Subaru, Mazda raise forecasts; Fiat to fall short.

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New Jaguar XJR claws up the curves

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Big, overpowered sedans are not usually my favorite to drive on public roads, as I can barely tap their performance potential. But the 2014 Jaguar XJR managed to give me a fat, wide grin when I slogged it down a twisty back road.

With the Dynamic mode engaged, adding a red mist to the instrument display, and the transmission’s Sport mode keeping the revs high, this big cat’s engine broadcast its throaty growl across the surrounding cow pastures, changing pitch at each gear change when I braked then accelerated out of turns. The thick tires held onto the pavement and the suspension controlled the body’s load shifts with finesse.

New Jaguar XJR combines power and comfort (pictures)

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Woman gets ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving

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Google co-founder Sergey Brin, wearing Google Glass.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

Google Glass wearers may want to think twice before wearing their high-tech specs behind the wheel, at least in California.

Cecilia Abadie said she was ticketed by a police officer for wearing Google Glass while driving through the sunny West Coast state. The exact line as written on the ticket said: “Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass).”

Abadie said the actual law tells drivers not to “drive a vehicle equipped with a video monitor, if the monitor is visible to the driver and displays anything other than vehicle information global mapping displays, external media player (MP3), or satellite radio information.”

In her Google+ post, Abadie posed this question: “Is #GoogleGlass [illegal] while driving or is this cop wrong???” Seeking legal advice, she asked people if they knew of similar tickets doled out to Google Glass wearers anywhere in the US.

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Q3 Profits for GM, Chrysler (10/30/13)

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GM cuts Europe losses, improves in Americas; Ram, Grand Cherokee aid Chrysler; Honda, VW gain; souping up for SEMA.

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Little Ghostbuster gets a sweet Ecto-1 push car

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Ghostbusters: the next generation.

(Credit: RottenKitten)

Get ready to envy the heck out of this. The same cool geek parents who brought us this classic Marty McFly and push-car DeLorean last year are the proud sponsors of a Ghostbusters-themed costume and car for Halloween 2013.

Cooper, who has definitely gotten bigger since the last time we saw him, is trading out his red McFly vest for a full-on “Ghostbusters” outfit complete with an Ecto-Blaster backpack. The push-car modifications also have ramped up in difficulty, but his creative engineer parents, Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith, were up to the task.

The Ecto-1 mini-replica uses the same Step2 push-car base as the DeLorean. The outside is crafted from cardboard boxes, Mexican take-out salsa cups, soda bottles, LEDs, tape, paint, and bits of electronics recycled from a real vehicle. All the important bits are there, including the massive fins, Ghostbusters logo, police lights on top, and shiny grill.

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U.S. Loses $9.7B on GM (10/29/13)

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Shares sold below break-even price, report says; potential conflicts in Chrysler IPO; Jeep China plans; Land Rover sub-brand?

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